Yoga for Calming Kid’s Anxiety

The positive effects of yoga on stress, anxiety and anger in adults is evident.
When we talk about Kids, we often see them having problems with anger and anxiety management. Kid’s yoga is an excellent process for growing mental confidence, good health, stress management and more. The feel good space will soon come up with some innovative kid’s yoga sessions. It is through breathing practices since childhood that can help children deal better with the stresses they will face in everyday life. It also boosts concentration, depth of thought, happiness and achievement.

The can be very interesting ways through which you can ask your kid’s to do yoga. For example, associating each of the poses with an animal and ask them to walk or do a posture of that animal. You can take them out and do these experiments in a park or some green areas which will also give them the sense of happiness. The bonus is the quality time you are sending with them.

Deep Breathing

Controlled breathing promotes calmness, helps relax the body and releases muscle tension but also gives them the ability to handle the surrounding pressures much better. That is the reason why breathing in children’s yoga is a great way of encouraging them to release stress and anxiety.

The physical training

Physical trainings have tremendous positive effects on stress, helping to release endorphins that reduce the feelings of anxiety and also trigger positive feelings. different kinds of yoga poses can drain their negative energy and create space for them to attract and store more of good energy.

Omkar Saadhan

Taking time out from screens, distractions and the stresses of the day to look inwards and think about how we feel in the moment can help to manage anxiety. Mindfulness like this can be incorporated into kids’ yoga and give even young children a moment of calm and clarity.
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