The mystery behind Sri Yantra-Mandala-Sacred geometry

Sri Yantra is a complex sacred geometry which has been used for thousands of years. The origin of this beautiful yantra is unknown but it is considered as the mother of all other yantras. Yantra in ancient hindu science is a machine which can ease out or speed up any work. Sri yantra is worshiped and meditatedon for many centuries now. It is very difficult to actually find the exact science behind it as there are still many researches going on over it. Today we will try to explore some possibilities of this mystic yantra.
The importance of sri yantra can be identified by the earth scraping of the geometry that appeared in a remote dry lake bed in OREGON, near the Idaho border. It was a major headline in 1990’s

which was considered to be made by aliens landed from an UFO.(See below image) The image scraped on earth was so big that it was not possible for humans to make. Researchers, Don Newman and Alan Decker visited the site and reported the image to b about 3” deep and the area was missing any signs of tyre tracks or footprints even though their own tyres made ¼” deep marks on the crusty surface of the dry lake bed. Well that’s still a mystery, May be some species from another planet wanted to communicate with us through sri yantra.


Sri yantra originated in India and is composed of nine interlocking triangles. Every triangle is connected to each other by common points. A slight change in the size or position of one triangle can change the entire proportion of the whole geometry and that is the reason that sri yantra is very difficult to draw correctly. All the nine triangles are cantered around one point and the whole yantra is a superimposition of five downward triangles and four upright triangles with total of 43 small triangles, each having a presiding energy or god associated with particular aspect of life.
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In my earlier article we tried to find out the possibilities of Mount Kailash and saw how many religions and cultures consider Mount Kailas as the axis of existence. Now, have a look at the 3d shape sri yantra. Yes, you are right. It is similar to mount kailash, the cosmic mountain at the centre of the universe. Sri yantra is a tool for ultimate realisation of totality of the existence. If Mount kailash represents sri yantra then this can be a reason why shiva always used to meditate on this mountain and Dashanan or Ravan wanted to take kailash along with him to Lanka.


Sri yantra is an extremely powerful yantra and is conceived as the cosmos at the macrocosmic level and micro cosmic levels. If you look at the image below from a macrocosmic perspective, it represents big bang theory. In which the existence starts from a big blast from nothingness and kept on expanding. As we know the universe is still expanding and there may come one day when it will reverse and get back to the same nothingness. On a micro cosmic level, I would like to compare sri yantra to the foetus in mother’s womb which keeps on multiplying from single cell to multicells. If you observe carefully, both the theories are about multiplication of existence and so is sri yantra. May be that is the reason that our Vedas suggest that the whole universe is within us because the theory of creation remains the same.

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People worship and meditate on sri ratna and believe that this powerful and mystic geometry keeps harmony and balance in life and spaces around it. It breaks all the obstacles and pushes easily the limits of both spiritual and materialistic growth It is the source of attaining all worldly desires and fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic powers since ancient age but over time people tend to simplify things and the original intent in the process is lost. There are now many distorted versions of sri yantra. We can’t even call them sri yantra as they fail to fullfill the basic criteria which requires the apex of all the triangles to be connected to the base of another triangles.

Overall it is a mystic sacred geometric pattern which represent the coamos metaphysically or symbolically given by ancient vidyas from macrocosmos spaces to human body levels.

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