Mysteries of Mount Kailash-A Nuclear power?

“Mount Kailash” is the most mysterious mountains that we have ever seen or experienced. It has two nearby water pits called the “Rakshas taal” and the “Dev taal” and these are in the form of Sun and Moon. Mount Kailash has been considered as a sacred place by many religions for centuries, From far east asian countries to India to Central asian countries and even Middle east.Mount Kailash has many names like Sumeru, Hemadri, Swastika, Gana Parvat, Ashtpada, Ratnasanyu, Kang Rinpoche etc.

Vedas consider Mount Kailash as the axis of earth.The same thing is also mentioned in ancient Budhist texts.

It is not only a Pilgrim for Hindus but for many other religions. In Budhism, Tantric bhudhist say that this mountain is home to Buddha Demchok of supreme bliss. Bonpos believe that the founder of Bon religion landed on Kailash only from sky. In Jainism, Kailash or MERU is the place where Rishabha attained liberation.

In Hinduism, Kailash is believed to be the home of Shiva and Shiva in yogic culture is said to be the first Yogi or “Aadi yogi” who transmitted the yogic science to seven rishis or saptrishi. Shiva also is the one behind all Tantra Vidyaa and Mantra science. Now, Why Kailash was chosen as the place by Shiva where he always was in the meditation state. Did this Mount had any type of special power or lets say Nuclear power? OR Shiva himself is in the form of Mount Kailash? Let’s try to find out…

shiva is also worshiped in “Lingam swaroop” or Shiv ling which transmits energy all the time as per Hindu belief system and sits on an elliptical base and if we look at Kailash’s structure(Refer to the pic below) it actually resembles the Ling swaroop of Shiva. According to a show called “Ancient Aliens” in History channel Mount Kailash do have nuclear Power base and if we co-relate, it’s a tradition to pour water on shiv linga to keep it cool or calm. So, Pouring water on Shiv Linga has a reason if Mount kailash itself is considered as the actual shiv Ling with nuclear power, so, it can be kept cool….well science needs proof.

Mount Kailash and shiv ling

Mount kailash is the only mountain which is illegal to climb. There has been many attempts to climb this mystic pyramid but all have recorded failure. British climbers Hugh Ruttledge and RC Wilson, Austrailian geologist Trichy,Russian mountaineer Sergei Cistiakov and many more have written testimonies about this mountain and recorded the presence of many powerful energies and mysterious experiences.

Kailash Mansarovar yatra is organised by Indian Govt.which involves hikinh at high altitudes upto 19000 feets, including extreme cold and rugged terrain. There are two routes via which this Yatra is conducted. Route 1: Lipulekh Pass (Uttarakhand) and Route 2: Nathu La (Sikkim). For more info on this yatra.

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There is so much on and about this magical natural pyramid that just one article is not enough.
So hold on… will come back with many other mystic possibilities on this mountain and the secret of pyramid channels near it.

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