How to stop your worry and fear? – 5 proven ways

Worry, anxiety, fear…These are not bad words always. These are natural human tendencies. Rather motivates you to keep going and stay focused under pressure. The problem arises when your worry becomes constant, and you become pre occupied with “What if” and worst case scenarios. Visualizing your doubts and fears all the time can take away all your positive energy. This mental habit can be broken and you can train your mind to be more positive. How? let’s have a look.

1. Ask these questions to yourself
Often, with some people worrying becomes a part of life long pattern of thinking, which is so automatic that people are not even aware of it. Start identifying your frightening thoughts and tell yourself that these are not facts but just a imagination of my brain.
Whenever you feel worried and anxious, Ask these few questions to yourself and the answers you will get will truly calm you down.
– Is this thought helpful?
– Is there a more positive way to look at the situation?
– Is there any proof that this thought is true?
– If a friend of mine had the same worry, What would I had told him/her?

2. Become a problem solver and not creator.
Problem solving involves, evaluating a situation coming up with concrete steps to deal with it. Worrying and fearing on the other hand does not lead to any solution. It in fact worsens your state of mind and degrades the ability to focus on solutions. The simplest way to go about it is to evaluate whether the worry is solvable or not. If you see many options to solve it, Sit at one place and take action with one of the many options.
If the problem is not solvable : you may believe that you should always be rational and in control, that your feelings should always make sense, or that you shouldn’t feel certain emotions, such as fear or anger.
The truth is that emotions—like life—are messy. They don’t always make sense and they’re not always pleasant. But as long as you can accept your feelings as part of being human, you’ll be able to experience them without becoming overwhelmed and learn how to use them to your advantage.

3. Understand the uncertainty
Nothing in life is certain leaving death. Worrying is actually a way to predict what’s there in the future- A way to prevent unpleasant surprises but the problem is it doesn’t work. The inability to predict uncertainty is normal. No one can predict what is stored in future. Life is uncertain, so firstly prepare your mind about the uncertainty of everything and start tell yourself that no matter what you are still alive and life will go on as it has to.

4. Visualise past happiest moment : According to positive psychology, remembering your happy moments is a part of love and kindness meditation that you can do whenever you want. When you remember the happiest moment of your life, you tend to feel more calm and relaxed. You feel thankful hat how life has treated you well in the past and get the strength to believe that it will treat you good in future also.

5. Practice Mindfulness : I have shared this in many platforms that mindfulness is a major breakthrough in any kind of stress related problems. While worrying is focused on the future, mindfulness deals with the present moment. Acknowledge and observe your anxious thoughts and fears. Here don’t try to control them or fight against them. Instead just observe them as an outsider. Mindfulness is a simple concept but it needs practice to reap the benefits.