How to stop Negative thinking-5 Simple ways!

Negative thinking appears to be more prevalant than positive thinking. It comes easily and uninvited while positive thoughts require efforts. It has a lot to do with the education and environment you have been brought up in. You view the world with your predominant mental attitude. If you have positive thoughts than its good but if you get more of negative thoughts, It will effect your life’s situations and adversely affect your mind. These are few quick tactics to handle your negative thoughts whenever thay dominate you.

Ask these questions to yourself
Whenever negative thoughts start developing, you must make note of stress meter in your mind. Ask yourself:
Is this thought important?
Is this thought true?
Is this thought helpful?
The answer will be NO. The thoughts in our mind collectively make these stories. The problem is we do not step back to get a better perspective and ask these necessary questions. Also read, How to deal with people in daily life.

Throw away your thoughts
It is very important to process these thoughts properly. If a particular negative thought is coming to your mind consistently, Make a writing habit of the thought. It may sound crazy but it actually works. You must write down what is bothering you again and again. While putting that thought down on the paper, you are putting down the negativity and the next step would be to throw that piece of paper in a river or flush it. You will feel relieved and believe that this particular negative thing has finally gone out of your life.

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Stop assuming things
Usually our situation in life is not that bad as we assume. Some people have a habit of thinking in extremes in every situation. For those, let me tell you life is not black and white. There are many more shades to it.
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The moment any incident takes place, we start thinking what other person might be thinking. As if we can read everyone’s mind.
When you are placed in a stressful or unfamiliar situation, there is a tendency to preasuume the outcome which may not actually happen. So, concentrate on the facts of life, See only what is actually happening instead of thinking and creating what worse can happen. Relax your mind and think that you cannot change anything that has happened and move on.

Stay Busy
Usually we consider that being busy all the time will bring stress in our life, But if you actually get involved and busy in positive things and people, It becomes almost impossible to get negative thoughts. Having a daily consistent routine will also help in this area. You will not actually have time for any nonsense because all the time your mind is busy in creating something positive and productive. So whatever you are doing, make sure it is adding value to your life.
This process also helps you to develop the habit of expressing your thoughts in an open manner, making it easier to manage relationships and resolve inter-personal issues.

Balanced sleep
Sleep is one of the most important things to keep your mind healthy. Lack of sleep interferes body’s natural ability to heal itself. Sleep and neuron endocrine systems are interconnected, so having a balanced sleep will eventually balance body hormones and reduce stress . It also increases the ability to think positively and keep your mind fresh.

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