5 Healthy habits to strengthen Immunity-Boosts immune system

Food and lifestyle are the two major factors which effects immunity.There are certain foods which keep our body bolstered from environmental hazards. A good immune system can even fight cancer. Following are the healthyliving strategies by which we can get a natural defence from germs.

5 Superfoods to boost immune system

Daily Routine
A consistent daily routine is very important to make our body habituated to follow a regime. Our body clock also gets timed according to the routine and our mind feels much more relaxed. This sense of regularity boosts our immune system, reduces our daily stress and maintains a balanced mental state. To start with, you can go to sleep at the same time daily and keep a gap of at least 2-3 hors between your dinner and sleep time.

Start chanting “Om” to Reduce Stress
Daily stress has a deep impact on our overall heath. Not only that, it can also introduce you to many harmful diseases. Meditation is a subtle process that supports the proper digestion along with keeping you calm the whole day. If you are new to meditation therapy, See How to chant OM and start your day with it.

Health Tonic
Chyavanprash is a traditional Ayurvedic recipe. IT is a formula to support agni, Delays the aging of cells, Improves the nutritional levels of body tissues. Just one to two table spoon of Chyawanprash everyday can do wonders to your body. Know more about the Benefits of Chyavanprash. It is safe for all age groups. Children above 5 years can take this.

Balanced Sleep
If sleep is not proper it can negetively effect our mood and emotion which will lead to memory loss.
(5 tips to boost your memory).The right time to go to bed is around 9 -10 p.m. and getting up at around 5-6 am in the morning. During this time pitta in the body completely digests our dinner. Also, you should understand that bedroom is not a place to watch televission or have lunch/dinner, or surfinng net.It is a place where we rest and relax our senses. It should be a dark and calm place. Also,Taking a bath or Massaging your feet with warm oil, Having a cup of hot milk helps our body to go into deep relaxation zone.

Exercise regularly
Ayurveda suggests “Yoga” to be the way of life. If you are confused about which yoga asans should you do, Find out more on “One overall yoga exercise for fit you“. A daily half an hour walk can do wonders for the entire system—body, mind, and spirit. Proper exercising can reduce the tension in your entire body and keeps you up going through out the day. Yoga is not just a regular exercise but has many wonderfull effects on our body like it helps eliminating waste from body completely, helps in relaxation of muscules.

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