Effect of stress and anxiety on whole body function

Do you worry too much about everything large or small? Do you find yourself lying awake, agitated or worried about a specific problem? Sometimes you become aware of your heartbeats and notice it to increase steadily….Feel it in your stomach, travelling up to your chest? You feel and wish you could get all this under control and ask yourself what’s actually happening to you?
Well! You are facing some of the symptoms of anxiety. It is both a controllable and a non controllable thing. Let me explain…

Anxiety is a natural process when you experience a threat around you. It is the way your brain reacts to a future event which you think might be harmful to you. You feel unsafe and thus your body actually tries to help you through these hormonal and psychological reactions. While your body tries to handle your fear, anxiety and stress, both are pretty harmful to you.

Effect of stress and Anxiety:
1) Effect on Heart: It results in higher risk of heart attacks. Stress gives the same effect of smoking as much as five cigarettes a day on your heart. Any step towards reducing or controlling stress and anxiety is a step towards a healthy heart. Stress not only increases the risk of heart attacks but also effects on how well the person will survive after the attack.

2) Nervous System: Your nervous system controls the whole body and gives order to all your body on how to react in different situations. When the nervous system experiences a long term stress or repeated anxiety pattern, it can go for a toss, giving you sleepless nights, depression, headaches, irritation etc. You might feel the need of an external soother like alcohol or drugs.

3) Lungs: Stress can worsen the symptoms of asthma and other lung diseases. The lungs all the time has to inhale more oxygen to send that to the rest of the body. The blood flow increases up to 300 percent during these worsen conditions. This effects the proper and normal functioning of the lungs.

4) Brain: Stress adversely affects the brain function. Long term stress can suppress your short term memory, Concentration, sensitivity and the ability to think logically. The ability to respond quickly to an impending crisis is also affected. It also releases a chemical which interferes sleep and tries to keep the person awake all the time

5) Digestion: Stress naturally shuts down our digestive system. Either we do not feel like eating or whatever we eat does not nourish our body. What we eat actually should be there in our stomach for some time so that the nutrients can get absorbed by the body. Stress either causes the food to move out too quickly from the body or it may lead to constipation which leads to toxification of the body.

These were the few vital mechanisms of the body which gets adversely affected by stress and anxiety. The other severe effects can be on muscular system, your sexuality, fertility or reproductive system. The entire immune system does get affected badly by a stressful life.
Today’s world is completely focused on procurement of things, be it physical things or people even try to buy happiness with money. While there is nothing wrong in procuring more and more money, but making money the only focus of the life is where we are going wrong. Trust me; Life is much larger than that. There are numerous amounts of things that you can think of doing. So, Give some time to your real self, go inward, find happiness, Sit back and relax… Things will come and go but your health and life will not. Take care!!

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