Know the benefits of “AUM” / “OM”

Regions of your brain which controls Decision making, attention and memory starts to erode in your 20’s but if you want to hold on to the process, start chanting “AUM” today.
Our attentiveness and ability to react depends on the environment around us. We face many stressful situations in life and that’s the reason we Humans do need Meditation in our lives. The process of Meditation although seems pretty tough to many of us because of lack of concentration and many other reasons.

Now, Chanting “OM” has been a age long tradition in many cultures as it is the most simplest form of Meditation and has humongous mind and body benefits.


“AUM” when chanted in rhytm activates the stomach, Spinal cord, throat, nasal and brain areas.Science has proved that those who chanted “OM” has thicker brain area’s which controls Concentration, Memory etc than those who do not chant. This Process puts down our blood pressure, relaxes our nervous system and clams down our mind.
“AUM” should be divided in three equal parts when chanted with your eyes closed.
Fill in the lungs completely and then breathe out slowly with the sound.
Bring this magical sound in your daily life for a powerful you!!

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