How to stay calm with difficult people in daily life!

In our day to day life we come across so many people and situations that some of these may not be liked by us or may be hated by us and thus we get stressed. Once something like this happen to us, We keep on thinking about the same thing the whole day. It can be anything, People, Failure to a task, bad situations, anything. Now, Here one important thing to notice is that it’s not the situation which is creating stress. It is our inability to handle the situation which is creating STRESS. Do you know that we can actually create situations and change any situation with how we react to a particular happening of a day. In today’s article we will discuss on stress due to people we meet.

That person Irritates Me.
It’s a super fast age we are living in. Too many social media friends.(We are not even sure if they are really friends or just people we met) professional connections, and so on. Amongst them there maybe many people who often offend us or may irritate us. My boss, mother in law, a colleague, a relative, anyone.
We obviously dislike that but in the process if you allow the person to disturb you mentally is your problem. How? Because we are responsible for what we think or feel. No one else can control what we feel. The act of the person is his or her freedom to act but to let that act effect your mind is your freedom. The problem is that your mind and body is not taking instructions from you. They are taking Instructions from people you are dealing with. You are allowing people to rule your mind by their acts. The problem remains the same if you are suffering in your Professional or Family life. Understand, No one can actually make you feel inferior without your permission.

Key to maintain your inner Peace – Acceptance

Once Gautam Buddha was looking for alms in the street. There were many people who honored him with all respect and love but there was a man who did not like him and started abusing him with all possible wrong things he could. Gautam smiled and moved ahead with his journey. A disciple who was accompanying Buddha was exasperated by this act and asked Budhdha ”Why didn’t you say anything to that man? He said all wrong things to you.” Buddha said “He gave me what he had. How can I expect something from him which he doesn’t have?”

Feeling bad for someone else’s behavior will ultimately only harm one person and that’s you. We all know that everyone is different. No two people are same. Behaviors, way of reacting, way of thinking, everything is different. So just think how we can expect something from anyone who doesn’t have it. It is obvious that the other person may have some different thoughts altogether.

Fire will only burn everything. River will only flow down the slope because that’s their property. Expecting anything else from them is our foolishness.
Moreover, Think about that one person in your life whom you can control?
The answer is “NO ONE”. The only person whom you can control is “You”. So lets accept people with how they are. We cant control them. Let’s at least control our mind not to be a victim of someone else’s act. Be tolerant, Not everyone is as capable as you are.

Should you surrender to people around you.
Accepting people the way they are doesn’t mean that you loose SELF. The most important person in your life is “YOU”. Your thoughts, your emotions and your wishes are valuable. Stand strong on your grounds, Live for your dreams.
The mantra is anything should not effect you negatively. It is very important to know people around you and act accordingly. Remember, your thoughts are in your control. Do not give too much of your time and energy to one incident of life. Your life is much larger than that

At last, Forgive people, Not because you accept their behavior or trust them again but Just so that you can move on with your life like a clean slate.

Be happy and peaceful always!

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  1. Yes. And to keep ur thoughts within urself you need to do meditation. Taking deep breaths and exhaling detoxifies you inner self both biologically and psycologically. Putting the blame on others is the easiest way to escape . Instead take up everything upon u and leave everything upon God to decide. Be Happy

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