Returning to Innocence -why you should always be enthusiastic in Life!

We live through life as if we are invincible. But actually the fact is that death is certain.
No matter how rich or poor, how successful or medieval, death will touch everyone. We do not know what tomorrow will bring to us or even we will be alive till a certain age.
We are always so caught up in our daily lives, our believe systems, thought process that we forget to actually appreciate life.

We have many long term plans for life and it is of course essential to do so but in the process we forget the essence of life. We get so serious about making our living that we eventually forget to live.

How do we know that we have so many days left? Any moment anything can happen, Life is unpredictable right?

We take life for granted. If you see life is a gift. It is a blessing, an opportunity to explore and experience everything. There is a wow factor in every moment of life. A butterfly flying, sun rising everyday without fail, a new life taking birth, everything has a wow factor attached if we try to feel the magic.

Have you ever noticed a child? For a child every small thing in this world is a magic and he/she does not take life for granted. That is why they are happy, ego free and full of enthusiasm. One moment they cry for little things and the other moment they laugh. As we grow up we forget to do so.

Appreciate all small good things, Have a wow factor in life, be grateful that you are alive and thus have opportunity to grow, to experience.

Love without depending,
Live without pretending,
Speak without offending,
And Listen without defending!

Be the best person you can be so that at the end of everyday you go to bed satisfied and without any regrets.

Love your life.
Feeling happy in small things of life is an amazing feeling. Try it!

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