Ancient vedic Morning Ritual for a successful life!

Daily morning ritual is one of the most important factors to keep fit. This morning ritual is a part of a healthy lifestyle. The way we start our day decides the following pattern of the rest of the day. Ayurveda and Yogic science suggests the following daily morning routine to kick start your day with all positive energy and blessings of nature.

Waking Up in the morning
Waking up in Bramhamuhurat that is one to one and a half hour before sunrise is a very good habit to develop. This is the time when purity of mind and atmosphere is the highest. During this time mind’s ability to concentrate and communicate with the cosmos is at its peak. However, you should only get up in bramhamuhurat when the previous night’s food is digested completely after you wake up. If you feel your stomach is heavy and body is very lethargic you should take some more sleep. Read more on Balanced sleep. Have your dinner atleast 2-3 hours before sleeping for better digestion and wake up at lease by 6 AM in the morning.

First thing after waking up
Our sacred texts suggest that immediately after waking up we must look at our palms for few moments. Then rub them with each other and gently move over your face and chest.

Gratitude should be our all time attitude! The next step is to be thankful for the beautiful day. A new day in life is not just another day. It is the day of new beginnings, New opportunities.
Say – Thank you to mother earth and nature for nourishing me with everything I have. Touch the floor with your hands to show respect and love to earth.
Say – I am a joyful soul and a part of the cosmic power.
Say – There will be love, joy and peace in this day.

Cleansing Process
Wash your face and mouth with water. splash water into your eyes at least three times. Use only natural tooth paste for brushing your teeth. Ayurveda suggests oil pulling technique which is gargling with warm sesame oil and then gargle with warm salt water if possible. At least put 2-3 drops of warm sesame oil in each nostrils. This will lubricate the nostrils and improve sinus, voice and vision because our nostrils are gateway to the brain and nervous system.

Abolish waste:
Eliminate waste materials from your body. To do this drink at least two to three glasses of warm water. Out of which one glass with lemon juice and honey. This will not only built pressure to eliminate the waste products but will also efficiently take out the toxins from the body. Chew 4 – 5 tulsi leaves. Chewing in the morning stimulates the liver function and secrets necessary enzymes in the stomach to activate agni. You may also have one or two cloves of crushed garlic. Garlic is a natural immune system booster that helps the body fight infection. Read: 5 superfoods to boost immunity. A daily dose of garlic reduces cold and flu drastically, lowers cholesterol levels. It will also activate agni in the stomach and force the waste out of your body.

Yoga and pranayam
Yoga of just fifteen minutes a day can transform your life. Whether you’re seeking health and joy or peace and love, whether it’s success in the world or just your inner strength, yoga will help you cut through the struggle and walk through life with ease.

Learn Surya Namaskar for whole body work out.
Do these five minutes yoga in the morning to activate your whole body.

The word ‘Yoga’ literally means union. We get united with nature; we Gain flexibility and get strong control on the functionality of our body organs. For tranquility, good health and energy start it today.
Although, there are many pranayams according to hata yoga but in today’s modern day lifestyle it becomes difficult to invest so much time. For that, Do this one pranayam and it will suffice most of the problems you have.

Take a deep breadth from your left nostril blocking the right one and exhale through right nostril blocking he left one. Again inhale deep with right nostril and exhale with left one. Do this for five to fifteen mins depending upon your time availability. This pranayam will do nadi shuddhi. and will open up all channels in the body.

Chant “OM” or “AUM” to improve concentration, decision making, alertness and overall well being.
Abhyang in ayurveda is self messaging system which helps in better blood circulation in the body. It helps improve skin radiance and overall flexibility.
Abhyanga is extremely beneficial for people with VATA dosh.
Oils for different Dosha:
Pitta – Warm coconut oil
Vata – warm sesame or mustard oil
Kapha – warm pure sunflower oil
After a fifteen mins of abhyanga, One should wait for another fifteen mins and then tale bath.

Remember, First developing an illness and then taking chemical based drugs or medicines for that is not a solution to healthy living. One must develop a healthy lifestyle first to fight against all illness as much as possible.
Stay blessed! 

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