“Living with Peace, Contentment and positivity yet striving hard to reach individual success goals” – Our Motto

This is the age where negative emotions of beings are turbulent. Our minds are so busy in various activities of life that we have no time for our own wellbeing. The purpose of ‘The feel good space’ is to inspire and nurture the inner capability of every individual to get transformed into a higher possibility in life.


We offer ways and techniques by which one can actually create peak mental and emotional well being. We hold workshops as well as offer some evidence-based wellbeing programs for everyone across industries. Our suite of innovative life skills and wellness programs address the full continuum to improve overall productivity. This holistic approach ensures that each person has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their goals.The mindful application of these spiritual laws promotes physical health and emotional wellbeing, success and abundance, loving relationships, and higher states of consciousness, including intuition, creativity, insight, imagination, and inspiration. Learning and practicing these skills, techniques and kriyas one can transform the inner being.


Customised programs and solutions to meet the specific needs of the client appropriate to the client’s business context.
Our tailor made training solutions help organizations and institutions to meet specific objectives by ensuring that relevant, practical and need specific content is delivered with minimal disruption of normal work schedules.

From the FOUNDER


My name is Joyeta Sehgal and am delighted to have you here!

It is my passion to use the ancient Indian skills that you have never learned in school to develop and nurture the immense potential we have within us.
I am a Certified Positive psychology, Chakra Meditation expert and Pranic Healer. I work in the field of stress management, Yoga and Mindfulness.

I Strongly believe that for a successful and fulfilled life, Our Mind needs regular nutrition of positivity, self awareness and Mindfulness. I am here to make you learn the key factors which can ultimately let you have inner Peace, contentment and a balanced life to enjoy all that hard work you put in work life.

Our workshops have benefited number of people and organisations to manage their stress, Enhancing their overall productivity and wellbeing in life. We have also helped people address disempowering behaviours, limiting beliefs, fears, and unhealthy stress, thereby freeing them up to give their best to the world.

Before this, I have spent 7 successful years in the corporate world, in the field of Career Consulting and worked in many projects with British Telecom, KPMG Europe, COLT Technologies and Nokia Siemens Network.

We will support you on your journey towards greater self-awareness, clarity, and confidence. Contact us today so we can help you unleash your greatness!

Wish you a feel good life!