Ayurvedic way to balanced food nutrition

Your body is a temple, Where you reside and “your body is what you eat” is a saying that you have probably heard before. It holds true not only on the physical but also on the psychological level. When you mostly eat hamburger and french fries, well, you probably feel like hamburger and french fries (not a very nice feeling).

. . . so how to eat healthy?

The most important principle in the Ayurvedic Diet is that your food is fresh (without pesticides, additives and other chemicals), seasonal, and as often as possible local. Fresh doesn’t, however, mean raw. The best are freshly cooked, whole meals. Here are some healthy and balanced food habits for you.

Eating Fruits Alone

The reason fruits are best enjoyed on their own is that fruit is usually somewhat acidic, fairly simple to digest, and often digests quite quickly. When fruits are eaten with other foods, there is usually a significant discrepancy between the amount of time required to properly digest the fruit versus the more complex food. Inhibited by the more complex food, the fruit tends to move through the digestive tract too slowly and can cause fermentation, gas, and bloating.

Include the six tastes at every meal.
In ayurveda, foods are classified into six tastes–sweet, sour,salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. Ayurvedic healers recommend that you include all of these six tastes at each meal you eat. Each taste has a balancing ability, some minimizes cravings and balances the appetite and digestion.

Eat Healthy Unprocessed Food

Opt for whole, fresh, in-season, local foods. Authentic ayurvedic herbal preparations are made by processing the whole plant or the whole plant part, not by extracting active substances from the plant. Similarly, from the ayurvedic perspective, the most healthful diet consists of whole foods, eaten in as natural a state as possible. If the digestive fire is not strong enough, even wholesome foods can turn into toxins in the body. Foods that are frozen canned, refined, processed with artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives, genetically altered should always be avoided.
“Packaged foods tend to be higher in fat, salt and sugar than food cooked from scratch, while lacking nutrients and fibre,” she says.

Whole Grains food

Whole grains offer far more nutrients and fibre than their refined “white” varieties. overweight people who ate wholegrain wheat products lost more weight than those who ate refined wheat, and they also came out with lower cholesterol. “Whole grains tend to help keep you feeling fuller for longer and maintain your energy levels. On the taste side, whole grains have more texture, flavour and nuttiness than refined ones.
Water: Nature’s Healthy Drink

Water – Nature’s own drink
Water is essential for life – Water is required for digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients, for elimination of waste and to regulate body temperature. Drink at least 5 – 6 litres of water daily.

Proteins and green vegetables in your diet

Proteins are vital for the body and should definitely be included in the diet. Broccoli, soybeans, lentils, asparagus and spinach are some commonly found protein rich foods. Low-fat dairy products are also a rich source of proteins. Insure that your body receives the required amount of proteins daily.
Make sure to add green leafy vegetables to your diet. They are a rich source of proteins, iron, calcium and fiber. Green leafy vegetables are easy to prepare and quite appetizing too. Also, a short course in Ayurvedic cooking will help expand your menu.

Sit in Vajrasan daily after each Meal

While knowing what to eat and how much to eat is important, it always helps if you can boost the process of digestion. Sitting in Vajrasna pose for a few minutes after having food helps you there. This particular yogic posture enhances blood circulation in the lower abdomen and improves the digestive process. A good food habit helps shape your personality. And this is why ancient sages always preferred consuming sattvic food.

Our programs has been designed to improve your lifestyle by helping you adopt a healthy diet and a regular practice of Yoga. Combined with good food habits, yoga can make you become more energetic, dedicated and focused person in all spheres of life.

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