6 Types of Toxic people you need to stay away – success hurdles

Toxic individuals are completely exhausting to be around and they can have a negative impact on your forward momentum. In life, you will encounter all different types of people: the good, the bad and the detrimental. However the kicker is, at the end of the day, the only person you can rely on is yourself. It actually does not even make sense to entertain the negative types of people in your life, chances are they are extremely unreliable.
You need to surround yourself with people who encourage you to grow and who will not be dead weight you have to carry around through life. Once you cut this type of negativity out of your life, you realize how well you can breathe again. Here are six toxic types of people you should steer clear of.

The show off bugs
We all know one such person. This is the kind of person who will invite you to their place not because they like you but because they have acquired something that you just have to see. Usually when you arrive you find you are one of forty guests. By the time you get there people have already been taken on a tour around the palatial home and have been shown the new gadget, gizmo, vehicle, achievement, acquisition and are now feasting on a sumptuous meal after which the emcee will give many an opportunity to heap praises upon this person. More often than not this person will be a politician or harbours political ambitions. It is easy to think that this kind of person will only be found in posh places. It does not matter where you are, after a while, one or two such people will crop up.
It should not be assumed that all rich people fall in this category, not at all. I know many pleasant rich people and I also know many unbearable poor people. What separates these people is their attitude.

Judgmental people will find a way to criticize anything and everything they come in contact with. You could take the time to explain something to them in great detail but it goes in one ear and out the other. They come to their conclusions before they hear any facts — they don’t listen well and are horrible at communicating. Asking for advice or feedback from a judgmental person is a complete waste of time.

Gossip lovers
People gossip because they are insecure, they don’t know how to separate fact from speculation and when truths get twisted, the wrong information is conveyed, feelings get hurt and enemies are born. Having a gossiper within your business can be very destructive, they are cancers and can quickly create a negative environment. If any of these ring a bell, then there is a good chance you are being exposed to toxic individuals. You should consider removing them from the equation, allowing you to remain 100 percent focused on reaching your goals without unnecessary distractions.

The Know all experts
Know all experts are of two types:
The true expert may act superior and make others feel stupid; they may be bull headed and impatient with differing opinions; they are often self-reliant, don’t need or want any help, and don’t want to change. If you are going to deal with the true expert as an equal, you must do your homework thoroughly; otherwise, they will dismiss you. First of all, listen to them and accurately paraphrase their points. Don’t attack their ideas but rather raise questions that suggest alternatives: “Would you tell me more?” or “What do you think the results will be in five years?” “It probably isn’t a viable choice but could we consider…?” Secondly, show your respect for his/her competence but don’t put yourself down. Lastly, if the expert can not learn to consider others’ ideas, you may be wise to graciously accept a subordinate role as his/her “helper.” True experts deserve respect.

The pessimists
This guy may probably be the worst of the lot. Take any idea to this person and after your presentation, they are ready with 60 reasons why it will never work. They will give you examples of others who tried similar things in the past and failed miserably. They are perpetually frowning. In fact as they grow older the frown becomes a permanent sneer. He is a permanently wet blanket. They will even surprise you with their pessimism. They seem to have a fascination with disasters since most of the time they prove their point. According to a close friend of mine, you will never find these people in places where solutions are being discussed, sought or even mentioned. They take “mourn with those who mourn” to a whole new level.

Always Complaining
Understandably many of these folks will be in bad relationships since by definition they are predisposed to be in them. But they have a perfect explanation why things are not working well and usually it is not their fault. What these people have in common is an ungrateful spirit. If this person was to win a car, they would probably complain that they won a white car yet they really wanted a blue one.