5 powerful hand Mudras of meditation to reach your PEAK-Science of Fingers

The ancient sages could intuit that human body is made up of five elements namely space, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. We have five fingers in our hand which represents these five elements. Our fingers hold energy points and by joining these energy points we create different mudras. Mudras help us to manipulate these elements in our body. The pranic flow of these energies from our fingers and palm actually vitalizes all the organs they pass by. There are many ailments that can be cured with the help of these mudras.

Hand’s elemental Structure
• Space – Thumb
• Air- Index Finger
• Fire – Middle Finger
• Water – Ring Finger
• Earth – Little Finger

1) Gyan Mudra: This is the mudra of knowledge and is the most commonly used one. This mudra is used while doing meditation. As it brings peace and openness. Gyan Mudra activates the root chakra and empowers the mind and the nervous system. This mudra is very good while doing Mantra chanting as it enhances the concentration of our mind.

2) Buddhi Mudra : This mudra balances the water element of the body. This one is one of the therapeutic mudras which has healing properties. Buddhi means intellect and this mudra enhances mental clarity. The little finger which represents the water element when touches the thumb fluids the communication of the practitioner. Another name of this mudra is jal vardhak mudra which means water enhancing mudra. Thus this mudra also helps us in diseases occurring from lack of water.

3) Shunya Mudra: This Mudra is typically used to improve your ear functions. As hearing is one of our five senses, it stimulates and smoothens the workability of the ear drums. All the mudras should be performed for at least fifteen mins, twice a day. Shunya mudra when practiced the same way not only gives great benefits in all hearing ailments unless it is a by birth defect but also helps in vertigo and vomiting problems. The practiconer experiences an eternal bliss around him.

4) Prana Mudra: Prana Mudra is a profound technique to establish a strong connection with inner self. This mudra particularly needs total silence and should be done when alone in the room. Prana mudra gives miraculous power to the practioner. Prana mudra activates our intense emotional connectivity with self and as it is associated with the fire element, it brightens and shines the aura of the practioner. Also, it helps in better concentration and controlled mind power.

5) Surya Mudra : Those who are looking for a weight loss, this is the mudra for them. With proper diet flow and practising this mudra for at least 20 mins morning and evening, reduces the earth element of the body which is primarily responsible for fats and obesity. It increases the fire element of the body and is very useful in overcoming all kapha(cold) related problems. This Mudra is also identified as prithvi shamak Mudra.

All the above mudras can be practiced from a minimum fifteen minutes to a maximum thirty minutes at a stretch, once or twice a day. Early hours in the morning while meditating or mantra chanting is the best time to do these Mudras to get the maximum benefits.

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