5 Things to remember when life is not treating you well

When situations and circumstances are stressful in life, nothing seems to be working. We find everything going in a wrong direction. It has a crippling effect on our ability to think and our creativity. However, we need to understand that it’s not the current situation that is breaking us but our ability to handle the situation. It can either break us down or make us move forward. It does not matter how this current situation turns out to be, It will end up the way it has to be.
If you are having a tough time, try to remain open to new ways of looking at what’s going on. Sometimes you just need some simple reminders. These affirmations will help you moving towards your happiness and go beyond your stressful situation with a mindful awareness.

Your daily affirmations:

1. I can make mistakes: We all are humans and we do make mistakes no matter who. All big and successful people also have made many mistakes in the past. So keeping this perfectionist expectoration is never going to get you anywhere. Accept this and empathise with yourself. Affirm that this is a new learning for me. As Willa Cather said, “There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”

2. The world is not under my control: You are not GOD. The only person you can control in this world is you, yourself. If things are not in place. Just relax and sit back for some time and stop trying to control everything around. People will have their own perspective and everything will go around as it had to be.

3. This is just a bubble: The most important thought which I consider in life is “Nothing is permanent”. Not even our body is permanent. Knowing that our body is the only thing which we had when we entered this world. (I am sure you don’t confuse yourself with your body, thoughts or emotions). Everything and every situation has to pass by and even this bad phase will. Let the time become your healer and wait for a fresh and new beginning.

4. I am Grateful: No matter what the current situation is, there is always something in life to be grateful about. Like if you have a financial crunch, your family support (even emotional support) is what you are grateful about. You don’t have a family? Be grateful that you have to arrange finance for a single person here. Discover something positive always to shift your attention to; even you have to look harder to recognise its existence.

5. I am Alive: There is a reason that you are alive. You have to enjoy and face many more life conditions. You have to accomplish many more goals and you can live up to your fullest potential. This one situation is not the end of the world. If nothing seems to be right, tell you that I am ALIVE. This very life energy is phenomenal, no matter what it gives you strength to keep going.

Pen down 3 things about yourself that you are proud of. The 3 best qualities you have in you.
Pen down the last 3 successful achievements of yours that have made you proud.
Now look at the list, recognise your inner worth and Ready, GO!