Stress Management & Building Resilience

None can Destroy Iron,
But it’s own Rust can!
Likewise None can destroy a person,
But it’s own mindset can!

A stressful mind can never deliver it’s best to any organization. No matter how good are his company benefits or his compensation.
Where as if an employee is mentally and emotionally happy he can not only perform exceptionally good but can also take his organization to new heights. After all it’s the human workforce that every company’s success or failure depends on.

At The feel good space we believe that every individual has great potential and we aim towards discovering that hidden fire within.
Our break through Stress management program will give action plans, techniques and a new perspective to deal with day to day stress.

It is a two hours interactive session. The first hour is a 5 Step developed process in which the participants will learn to respond positively to stressful conditions and open up their minds to a more dynamic way of attitude.

Topics covered:
Impact of stress
Reasons of stress
Anger – The worst enemy
Stress coping strategies
Responding positively in adverse work conditions
The second hour will have clinically proven hands on practice in relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques. Participants will gain tips on how to relax their body and mind through simple 5 mins office yoga techniques in stressful or pressurized conditions.

At the end of the Session, Employees will be able to
• Enhance their capability to meet challenges and respond positively in adverse situations
• Work under pressure with clarity of mind and calmness.
• Focus and concentrate better in each task
• Communicate more sensibly to their colleagues and increase their personal productivity.
• Enhance their ability to be productive in 24/7 hyper connectivity and distractions.
• Relax themselves at any given time during the day through yoga techniques.

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