4 Insider ways to Make Meditation much Easier

Can’t sit still, Can’t concentrate, Is this the correct way? While doing meditation these and more are the usual thoughts that keep on coming. These are the biggest challenges that most of the people face while starting meditation and many do not continue thinking that its not their cup of tea. However, we all know and Now science has also proved the miraculous benefits of meditation on human brain.
In meditation our mind and body gain deep rest and relaxation. The disturbing thoughts and feelings are also part of the process. So the first thing is to stop doubting yourself. Even though you may feel as though you are “running out of time,” you actually have the whole of eternity before you. Slow down!
Follow these tips to avoid impatience and disturbances during meditation.

Stop analysing your meditation
Meditation is a purification process in which we dispose off all our thoughts, emotions and feelings.The aim is to reach a state of mind which is at zero disturbance by these things but when we analyse the process it all the more hits you back and then there is a repeated process of overlapping thoughts.
The experience of meditation will be what they will have to; The important thing is to recognise the awareness tat you will enjoying daily life.

Choose Mornings
For new meditators morning is the best time to meditate coz at that time your mind is blank, like a clean slate. So the tendency of attacking thoughts will be very less. Make sure you do this as the first thing in the morning without being distracted by your computer, phone or lappy.

Admit the reality of NOW
Give yourself an allotted time to sit and concentrate regardless of how your mind feels. Try not to give any power to frustration or impatience. Know that you are sitting for an allotted time and just concentrate on your breathing.
Prepare before beginning
Choose a quiet place to sit which may help minimise the disturbances. Before starting, chant “AUM” or “OM” for five times. This will calm your mind and will help you to concentrate. Go with the flow. You may also do some yoga stretches so that your body looses energy and you can use it more to focus.

Be committed
A little discipline in this practice can take your meditation to the next level. Science says our body and mind will react and behave in the way we will train it. Once you start practicing it on a regular basis, you will soon see that you wont be able to manage your day without meditation