4 daily practices I have learnt in BHUTAN towards a peaceful LIFE!

All and everyone strive for one thing in life – Happiness. If you really want this one word in everything you do, you got to peep into these 4 simple practices.

The foremost thing in life is that we all need to look within us to find happiness rather than outside and this is the mantra that eastern tradition has been giving since ages. These practices will guide you to the path of happiness and peace.

1. Love and Kindness Practice :
Every day is a day for practicing kindness, compassion, and generosity. In fact, these qualities and practices shouldn’t be relegated to once a year around the holidays. Consciously choose to be kind, compassionate, and generous…every day. By doing so, we have the opportunity to get out of ourselves and realize that we are not, in fact, the centre of the universe. “Selfish and self-seeking “is not the only way of life. By choosing to be kind, compassionate and generous in our daily lives, we have a chance to overcome this state of mind. Being the service is the key.

2. Path to Happiness: Bhutan’s attributes the phenomenon of happiness levels with not keeping pace with economic gains. The reason is that people’s desires and expectations change along with their material gains. The fact is that health and the quality of personal relationships are among the most potent predictors of whether people are happy or not. These are often the two things people sacrifice in their pursuit of greater wealth. The Buddhist tradition believes that path to happiness is not through the material or financial gains as they can only give us temporary feeling of happiness. So making a daily routine which caters to the wellness aspect of our life and Being grateful, helping others are some practices that help us bringing contentment in life.

3. Zen Meditation – Amongst all, Zen is a special contemplative form of meditation. It is a proven technique to lower our anxiety and stress levels. Zen is practiced with an upright sitting posture and carried out silently without escaping from the world. Starting to concentrate on our breathing and slowly going deep within. It takes place from the outside world to within, from distraction to a composed state and from shallow surface to deep inside. We let go of everything and open ourselves to emptiness. Many people are sceptical about meditation as they think that it has got something to do with Enlightenment. That is not true of course. It is about slowing down the pace of our lives, to just sit down and relax for some time. A quick escape from the world and rest.

4. Simplifying Life: Doing things just to show off the world ultimately makes you a shallow person. A truthful and simple life helps us grow as humans. Accepting what is there in our lives and taking off the greed of more n more actually helps us to remain grounded while looking out for more positivity and opportunities. Not expecting too much, Not criticizing what you have can help you built momentum. The nice thing about having momentum on our side is that we will get more for the effort we put in. Have the willingness to let go.

Less stuff, less expense and balanced work equals more time, more money and more satisfaction